Training educators and introducing students to the world of digitized cultural heritage

A multitude of events has taken place during the last trimester of 2019, to spread the word regarding Europeana portal and community, in various European countries.

Innovative Learning Spaces: What Strategies?

The Workshop “Learning scenarios with Europeana” during the Training Seminar “Innovative Learning Spaces: What Strategies?” was conducted on September 9, 2019, at the hospitable premises of Dr Francisco Sanches School, in Braga, Portugal. It was organized by Ana Paula Alves, a User Group Teacher of the Europeana Education project, and presented to 60 participants by Ádila Faria and Vanda Viegas. The workshop covered topics such as, “the Europeana platform and the Teaching with European blog to learn about educational resources”; “an example of a learning scenario developed from Europeana resources”; “Learning activities using the digital cultural resources of Europeana Collections”. You can have an overview of the activities here.

An Interactive conference presentation

In Croatia, Ivana Štiglec, Europeana Education Ambassador, gave an interactive presentation at “Carnet Users Conferenceon November 08, 2019, in Amadria Park Convention Centre Sibenik. In front of 50 teachers, Ivana and one of her user group teacher presented the Europeana Collections, and the Teaching with Europeana blog. After the session, they were offered to animate an online presentation, in English, to introduce the eTwinning community to Europeana and encourage participants to join the Europeana in your classroom Massive Online Open Course.

Our culture is our gif(t)

Meanwhile, Éva Tóth, User Group Teacher from Hungary,  has been leading the project “Our culture is our gif(t)”, which brings Europeana resources to the eTwinning community. Each month, students focus on a different world-famous international day and a democratic value connected to it. For example, on 25 November the participating classes celebrated the ‘International Day for the Elimination of the violence against women’. So the value they focused on was gender equality and stereotyping. Students created products related to the topic using the Europeana database. A teacher meeting is held per month. The project is accessible here.

Teachers’ workshop in Naples, Italy

Last but not least, Teresita Gravina, Europeana Education Ambassador, organized the event Impara con Europeana, a workshop for teachers during an exhibition about a school in Naples, on 29th October 2019. Take a look at the presentation.

2020 Event Agenda in Portugal

Two more Europeana-related events have already been scheduled to take place. The first one will be presented in the “Wednesday webinars”, “Partilhas à Quarta”, in January 2020, for 300 teachers, which can be accessed here. Finally, the online postgraduate course “Learning scenarios with Europeana” will be running in January and February 2020, with 25 teachers.

Do you want to learn more about teacher training in the Europeana resources? Why not register to the Europeana in your classroom MOOC? From January 13, the English version of the MOOC will start on the new European Schoolnet Academy platform. From March 2020, teachers will also have the possibility to follow the MOOC in Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian. Registrations are already open!

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