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Colour of the Sky (LS-RS-135)

In this learning scenario, students will bring historical black and white photographs to life by colouring them with an app. They will learn how powerful colour photographs are compared to B&W ones.

LS-IT-73- migrant children

Children on the move (LS-IT-73)

This Learning Scenario was created by Maria Marrone from Italy. The lesson “Children on the move” was created for 12-14 years old …

LS-HR-59- spoken communication

Spoken communication (LS-HR-59)

The topic of this learning scenario is Linguistic expression. It should be implemented in L1, in this case, the  Croatian language.  Pupils …

LS-FR-52: history of puppets: black and white photograph of puppets of dr frankenstein and the monster

History of puppets (LS-FR-52)

In our city and the world This scenario is about the history of puppets. It was designed for young students of Turkish …

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