Europeana as seen by students

Summer has arrived and with it the summer break in most schools. It is time for a lie-in, sunscreen, ice cream and endless evenings. But maybe not for everybody. Some teachers spend a fair amount of their summer looking for refreshing ways to teach their students. Are you one of them? Have you ever considered using digital cultural heritage in your classroom? Well, that’s a piece of luck: the Europeana Collections might just be what you were looking for!

Whether or not you are familiar with integrating digital cultural heritage in your classroom, some questions may occur to you. Will students find the lesson entertaining and educative? How will they engage with digital learning materials? Will they understand the importance of cultural heritage?

We have some answers for you!

Through these series of testimonials, students share their experiences and explain what they think about Europeana, how they have used it in class and why do they think that digital cultural heritage is important to learn about.

More questions?

Why don’t you read some of the learning scenarios and stories of implementation to find some inspiring ideas for the next academic year? They all give creative examples of how to integrate digital cultural heritage resources in any classroom.

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